Cats kill 230 million native Australian animals each year

One cat alone can kill up to 200 wild animals annually

Only 29% of cats are kept indoors

Cats kept indoors kill 0 animals!

Cats with bells kill half as many animals

Why we're here

Cats pose one of the biggest threats to urban wildlife. There are some simple solutions, and with the participation of cat owners, we have the potential to drastically reduce this problem.

We want people to be able to enjoy both our unique wildlife, and their cat companions. Keeping your cat indoors protects wildlife and reduces their risk of car accident, fights with other cats, and snake or insect bites.

Our aims

What we do

We encourage owners to keep their cats indoors where possible, and to ensure they wear a bell when outside.

By collaborating with local businesses and through our social media accounts, we are raising awareness to ensure our message reaches far and wide! The more people who support our cause, the greater our impact will be.

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